628 >>551 No one knows what it means. But it's provocative.
631 >>628 gtfo kanye
629 >>628 That explains a lot. But it must have meant something to someone once.
630 >>476 here Fri 9040 Sep 17:06:04 ACST 1993
632 >>244 i'm not trusting this server until i get a user account with read-only access to everything that i can SSH into :^)
634 >>632 If you want ssh access, send me a mail.
633 >>632 That would open the door to a DoS attack. And you still couldn't be sure that you aren't chrooted. The only way to be sure is to set up your own server.
635 >>593 I'll share this with my tilde friends.
636 >>609 no u
637 >>610 C = autistic's language.
672 >>637 The language of kings. Too bad it's not my specific dialect of C that is actually good (Plan9C). Who the fuck uses puts and strcmp.
673 >>672 The original idea was to have it run on a 16-bit microprocessor. But 32-bit processors with Linux are cheaper. The code is in desperate need of a rewrite.
671 >>637 >>637 what is C++ then?
638 >>637 Great. I'm looking forward to your contributions.
647 >>638 My semen is the biggest contribution you could have
648 >>647 I was hoping for something more substantial.
649 >>648 Apologies, this crossposter is a Windows XP user
639 >>623 im 12 and what is this
640 >>214 no
641 >>640 yes
646 >>641 maybe?
652 >>646 ahmed
654 >>652 أحمد
642 >>608 Me too
643 >>605 Grass obscures the path as he descends upon a deep green valley, punctuated by poppies. His eyes catch theirs. A gentle stream glistens.
644 >>603 The man decides to dig up the land that lays in front of the Tombstone. His nails chip. The sun is overhead. The hole reaches his calf. He rests beneath a tree.
668 >>644 Digging, digging, for hours without break. A body is found. It is 0037. The man remembers he is tokiko.
645 >>622 A big black one to be specific
653 >>645 The one that has done your mother.
650 >>610 How am I supposed to post images?
657 >>650 It doesn't work currently. The best you can do is post a link to an image. This may be improved later.
663 >>657 >an imageboard without images what the fuck
664 >>663 It's called a textboard dipshit. How nu R U?
651 >>519 Seems cool as shit at first glance. Love the imageboard flavor. Layout is a bit odd, scrolling left/right isn't comfy but I have no idea what to do about it.
674 >>651 How long has this place been around?
675 >>674 2013
658 >>651 It may work better on a tablet, or with a touch pad. You can also click on the green knobs to display only a specific sub-tree.
656 >>651 Try flipmode.
655 >>608 ditto
659 >>0 *dabs on the hebrews*
660 >>659 This is actually very promising, but both layouts are pretty shit tbqhwyp. I don't know how you could format a board like this while still allowingforlongposts
661 >>660 meaning flipmode + latest, the only layouts that fully showcase the tree style threading
662 >>476 >>476 here test post what the hell is this gay board supposed to be
666 >>662 >>662 I don't know, but they should fix their colors.
665 >>494 What a shit site. A chan list that doesn't even include 8chan, nanochan,, or wizchan. With the exception of nano they're not even obscure.
676 >>665 All of those suck though.
667 >>0 anus
669 >>667 Greetings from Depreschan. Come visit us, if you'd like.
670 >>669 Please don't advertise everywhere, it is rude and hurts the quality of already dead boards.
677 >>0 does anyone actually use chanview

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