304 Why don't women these days wear frilly dresses or have tea parties? I don't understand this world any more.

403 >>344 ᏀᎾ ᎤᎿᎸᎯ ᏆᏁᎾ צביקה חכם להלהיב Свое дл. Авары Джон яожор нзжеи おれわわたしのおちんちんです 롯데 떠 써 읭 홀
419 >>400 >le pedophile sage
430 >>388 Erase my anus
432 >>308 Are you Dean Venture?
727 >>403 VvIish maria

476 Do people come here regularly? If you do, please reply with "here" and an optional wacky message.

732 >>730 i know the answer
733 >>732 Three, take it or leave it
734 >>731 U want some fuk?
740 >>707 1111111110
741 >>733 Four, and I'll throw in a free trip to the Caribbean.

703 What the fuck is this site?

728 >>704 The design is interesting and fine to briefly skim, but god its confusing. Hows an actual group conversation supposed to happen here?It seems not built for that
729 >>728 The small circles select a subtree, with the history that leads up to it. They can be bookmarked. Within a tree, you can follow any branch for a conversation.
742 >>729 Holy shit this is something (not that guy)
743 >>742

735 Hello, i'm new to this board. Is this board active or not?

736 >>735 It is, but not very. Thanks to you, it is now slightly more active.
737 >>736 No problem!
738 >>737 Are you the site owner? I feel like you are.
739 >>738 As you can see from my user name…

745 Hello! How are you guys? Please reply!

746 >>745 >please reply
747 >>745 Soft in the middle.

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