16 Genetic Manipulation for Cuteness Purposes: Creating a Genobility of Cute, Hyperintelligent Little Girls, Half of Which Have Penises; Ethical? Discuss. 160 char

270 >>265 wtf
436 >>120 ultimate
437 >>16 Not only ethical, this is a new manifest destiny.
462 >>120 umbra
578 >>85 Yes

1 Content erased by:

581 >>575 So post would fade to black, from black?
582 >>581 I didn't notice that happened at first. Maybe they could fade from grey to black.
583 >>582 I'll think of something. I like your idea, but I'll have to re-write almost the entire way I do colour. It'll be a while.
590 >>535 A sky backround, day or night. The top post is Green, and all child comments slowly transition from green to brown.
591 >>590 The colour of the posts changes with age, not position.

12 cute anime girls

492 >>484 It's back!
502 >>482 mfw capey shiling his chans literally everywhere
506 >>473 12th of December 2015 Couple of years have passed. I'm lurking through numerous textboards, out of curiosity. These communities are really interesting.
576 >>506 10th of May, 3045 Darn, this is the only anonymous board left and there's no users on it.
589 >>576 0000000M41 There is only war.

476 Do people come here regularly? If you do, please reply with "here" and an optional wacky message.

586 >>580 is it good now?
587 >>586 Good enough. It's now.
588 >>587 here, this is good.
594 >>587 been /biz/y?
595 >>594 You could say that.

592 Now that the address has changed again where is the source code hosted?

593 >>592 or git://

illegal content?