476 Do people come here regularly? If you do, please reply with "here" and an optional wacky message.

656 >>651 Try flipmode.
658 >>651 It may work better on a tablet, or with a touch pad. You can also click on the green knobs to display only a specific sub-tree.
662 >>476 >>476 here test post what the hell is this gay board supposed to be
665 >>494 What a shit site. A chan list that doesn't even include 8chan, nanochan,, or wizchan. With the exception of nano they're not even obscure.
666 >>662 >>662 I don't know, but they should fix their colors.

609 ur bord a shet

649 >>648 Apologies, this crossposter is a Windows XP user
650 >>610 How am I supposed to post images?
657 >>650 It doesn't work currently. The best you can do is post a link to an image. This may be improved later.
663 >>657 >an imageboard without images what the fuck
664 >>663 It's called a textboard dipshit. How nu R U?

601 Early in the morning a man looks down from a mountain he never remembers climbing.

643 >>605 Grass obscures the path as he descends upon a deep green valley, punctuated by poppies. His eyes catch theirs. A gentle stream glistens.
644 >>603 The man decides to dig up the land that lays in front of the Tombstone. His nails chip. The sun is overhead. The hole reaches his calf. He rests beneath a tree.
645 >>622 A big black one to be specific
653 >>645 The one that has done your mother.
655 >>608 ditto

659 *dabs on the hebrews*

660 >>659 This is actually very promising, but both layouts are pretty shit tbqhwyp. I don't know how you could format a board like this while still allowingforlongposts
661 >>660 meaning flipmode + latest, the only layouts that fully showcase the tree style threading

667 anus


illegal content?