476 Do people come here regularly? If you do, please reply with "here" and an optional wacky message.

600 >>599 I want to do a re-implementation of this entire site. It is going to take a while to get feature parity. Adding new features will be easier then.
611 >>571 OMG, this doesn't even have post dates... writing this on 2018-01-17. having noticed something, does the color of leaves reflect the date they were posted?
612 >>611 Yes. The posts fade with time.
613 >>612 Need an indication of how fast the posts fade for a one-time visitor.
614 >>613 Maybe not a bad idea. Currently they fade linearly for a year.

592 Now that the address has changed again where is the source code hosted?

593 >>592 or git://

601 Early in the morning a man looks down from a mountain he never remembers climbing.

604 >>601 The man remembers he's actually on DMT so he seriously just tries to chill out dude.
605 >>603 Deciding to head east, the man begins his trek early, to beat the afternoon heat. Where will his journey take him? Where is he? Will this path hold answers or ?
606 >>601 Im 601. Not a very good story teller,but i think story telling could be fun with this website design.Any poster can continue off any post with their own story.
607 >>606 Making bad story tellers less bad/noticeable.The reader could just chose the path they find entertaining.The low char limit is perfect for this.uHav2thinkB4post
608 >>607 I love what you have done here.

609 ur bord a shet

610 >>609 You are cordially invited to improve it.

615 benis

616 >>615 sup benis its wenis how you been tho?

illegal content?