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3 >>0 cactus
624 >>3 sacktus 10 >>3 I love juicy cactaceae with big areoles. 8 >>3 is it possible to make this into acyclic graph board?
95 >>10 It's a shame you never posted on intern3ts' cactus board when it was up, if that's what you love. 27 >>10 20 >>8 Any connected graph without simple cycles is a tree.
29 >>20 untru, DAG is not a tree. 23 >>20 In treeboard, users can find the end of their thread in O(log N) time.
72 >>29 In mathematics, more specifically graph theory, a tree is an undirected graph in which any two vertices are connected by exactly one simple path. 121 >>23 Wow, this place looks like shit.
73 >>72 254 >>121 True dat 124 >>121 Content erased by:
138 >>124 Why would he "upgrade" to crap when he wrote this himself? 129 >>124 Sounds like some sort of internet hugbox. Ciao, the doctor
143 >>129 It's full of pedos: 141 >>129 The doctor isn't real.
145 >>143 So, everywhere, after all Shii was one of the original English futaba team so there will always be pedos on chans.
146 >>145 Shii was underage b& at that time, so I don't know if that counts as pedo.
147 >>146 It's a universal constant, if the cabal ever catches up to him they're probably going to mail whatever school he's teaching at in Japan.

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