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476 >>0 Do people come here regularly? If you do, please reply with "here" and an optional wacky message.
554 >>476 brought me here
570 >>554 1ch brought me here as well. Too bad we can't post images...
571 >>570 You can post links to images. Alas, the links are not clickable. The code is there, it just isn't live yet.
611 >>571 OMG, this doesn't even have post dates... writing this on 2018-01-17. having noticed something, does the color of leaves reflect the date they were posted? 572 >>571 Hello there
612 >>611 Yes. The posts fade with time. 573 >>572 Hello
613 >>612 Need an indication of how fast the posts fade for a one-time visitor. 596 >>573 Hi
614 >>613 Maybe not a bad idea. Currently they fade linearly for a year. 597 >>596 Welcome.

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