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609 >>0 ur bord a shet
610 >>609 You are cordially invited to improve it.
650 >>610 How am I supposed to post images? 637 >>610 C = autistic's language.
657 >>650 It doesn't work currently. The best you can do is post a link to an image. This may be improved later. 672 >>637 The language of kings. Too bad it's not my specific dialect of C that is actually good (Plan9C). Who the fuck uses puts and strcmp. 671 >>637 >>637 what is C++ then? 638 >>637 Great. I'm looking forward to your contributions.
663 >>657 >an imageboard without images what the fuck 673 >>672 The original idea was to have it run on a 16-bit microprocessor. But 32-bit processors with Linux are cheaper. The code is in desperate need of a rewrite. 647 >>638 My semen is the biggest contribution you could have
664 >>663 It's called a textboard dipshit. How nu R U? 648 >>647 I was hoping for something more substantial.
649 >>648 Apologies, this crossposter is a Windows XP user

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